A letter to a creative soul

Dear (you)

I saw into your eyes and I felt the yearning to create.
I sensed the quiet excitement as you wonder whether you’ll tap into the creativity that’s awaiting inside.
I see the sparkle in your eyes as you think of the magical creative journey that lies ahead.
I also see a fluttering of fear.
An anxious gasp at the daunting prospect of letting your dreams out into the world.
A temptation to suppress the music for a little longer – hoping you don’t need to embark on this creative journey.
Thankfully, I also see a deep desire to push through.
A calling to give a voice to something you’ve long ignored.
A hunger to let your unique ideas be heard.
And as you connect with the gifts that you have to offer to other people,
those feelings of angst and thoughts of worry will begin to surrender.
Leaving only your vibrant, beautiful and creative soul to shine.
Anytime now, the time will come to take the first mighty step.
Take it.
Take it knowing you are courageous.
Take it knowing creativity is your gift.
Take it knowing it’s only you, that can do what you are here to do.
You’re a beautiful creative soul.
It’s time to let your spirit shine.
I believe in you.
I see with you.
And I am here for you on this journey.Huge creative love,


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