Look back and look within…before planning ahead


At this time of year I always feel different, depending on how successful my year has been.

Personally, I love the Christmas season and the chance to enjoy time with family, friends and loved ones, but professionally that’s not always the case….

Sometimes I feel exhausted and run down, sometimes my mind is already thinking ahead to next year and other times I’m in contemplation mode about the year just gone.

This year, 2017, I’ve had my busiest ever year professionally, so part of me just wants Christmas to come and move on to 2018, so I can start again.

But starting something new, without ending something old is a recipe for doing the same again…

So this year, I’ve decided to make a special effort to reflect on 2017 and consciously review my year.
I’m doing this process for my Freelance Business, for Creators Club and for my Personal Brand.
Yes, there is part of me that is daunted by it, a part of me is afraid to confront how things actually were and yes it will take time – but, I’m sure, that by doing it, it will make a difference.

It will affect how I think about 2017, how I feel over the festive period and influence decisions for the new year in 2018.
Then, after I’ve finished looking back and processing 2017 sufficiently, I will use these insights to decide where the opportunities are for me change things; for a better 2018.

Areas to Explore

1. Enjoyment

What did I love? And why?
What brought me real enjoyment?
What were my highlights?

2. Time

What did I spend my time doing? 
How was it divided? 
What different tasks did I have to juggle? 

3. Effort

What consumed my energy?
What did I hate? And why?
What was challenging?
What did I resist doing?

4. Results

What did I achieve?
What is the output of my efforts?
What am I proud of?

5. Finances

How much money did I/the business make and spend?
What do the numbers say?
Was it good year?

6. Personal Performance

How well did I do?
When was I at my best?
How productive was I?
What did I learn about myself?
What was challenging?
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 
I will be happy to share the output of my personal review process and I’d love to see how other people review things too.
Being a very visual and analytical person, I’ll probably bring this to life in some creative ways, after I’ve done some insight digging 🙂
If anyone has any reflection techniques, I’d love to know how you do it?

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