6 inspirational messages from Shakira

When Shakira wrote Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) for the world cup in 2010, what she also did, was write a song that will resonate with and inspire many entrepreneur’s or anybody on a journey to achieving something….

1. You are a soldier, choose your battles

You are brave and determined, but you must also choose your battles wisely. Which things to persue and where to let your energy go.

2. You paved the way, believe it

You’ve come a really long way, keep going, keep going. Think how far you have already come!

3. If you fall, get up

You will fall down, you’ll experience super disappointment and sometime lose perspective. But as Shakira sing so beautifully, get back on saddle!

4. It’s serious, you’re getting closer, it isn’t over

Whilst long journey’s are long, remember each day is a step closer. Keep taking actions that bring you closer to your goal

5. The pressure’s on, you feel it, but you’ve got it all, believe it

If what you doing is really challenging you, then the chances are it will feel scary. But scary comes before sensational feelings of accomplishment, believe in yourself

6. It’s your time to shine, don’t wait in line

Postponing things is just going to make you more anxious, whatever it is, as soon as you think you might be ready, take that next step. Because you are way more ready that you understand.


Now go play Waka Waka, sing along and make it happen!


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