PROJECT: The world’s most inspiring dance

A movement that is sweeping the globe, teaching us all how to deal with the unexpected, embrace all challenges, seek adventure and live harmoniously together. A profoundly inspirational idea, expressed through a fun, simple dance.

Amongst the high of Awesomeness Fest (a personal development retreat for entrepreneurs) and partying on a private island, I found myself in a familiar space of creative inspiration. What began as a fun dance and story, turned into a group of people turning it into an inspiring vehicle for positive change. With a few open-minded A-Fest tribe members, myself Nic and Pam teamed up to make it more than just a dance….

The Dance


Key Messages

Challenges: Taking a step to the Side

Whenever you face a setback, adversity or a certain challenges it’s easy to feel like you have taken one step forward and then two or more steps back. Our invitation to you is to see it more like a crab dance. Take a step to the side. A step and step until you are read to go forward again. Whatever the crab symbolises for you, learn to be at one with the crab.

The Unknown: Responding with Curiosity

We need to move from a place of judgement and pre-conceived ideas, to place of understanding and curiosity. Accepting things as we see them now and not always listening to past judgements. The crab wanted to learn about us. As we wanted to learn about the crab. Together we both more aware and we replace fear with a love for learning.

Adventure: Conquering Barriers

Instead of running away from the unknown. We embrace the unknown. It’s a response, not a reaction. The crab could have remained in the ocean, in the waters that he knew, but instead, the crab had a sense of adventure and breaking out of the familiar comfort zone of the ocean. The crab conquered the barriers that may leave you feeling completely vulnerable. Take a risk. Have the courage to be curious.


How to

Join the movement..

Creating and sharing a new dance experience is always a great feeling. The lightness you feel when you fully embrace the dance, whether it be on your own or in the company of friends. It is a powerful tool to reframe problems you may be facing and enjoy the flow of life. Please join the movement, share it with your friends and move with the crab!

Please record your best crab dance videos. How well can you move? How can you use to to help you?

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