Struggling to connect…



In a mindless attempt to check my Facebook status, I was halted in my tracks.

Today I spent several minutes refreshing the browser and turning my 4G on and off. I threw myself into the struggle, temporarily losing myself in the possibility that it would work eventually. I needed to connect, or at least, I thought I did.

Then when I needed an answer from my phone, it kindly told me “struggling to connect”. At first, I thought “yes I can see that, thanks for updating me”.

And then I had a little raised smile and thought to myself “in what way am I struggling?”

In my desperateness to connect online, I feel so disconnected from what was real in that moment. The mindless and panicked attempt to find some online updates left me foolishly swapping the real feelings and the real world for a connection via some wireless, handheld, space age techno device.

Oh wonderful iPhone, with all your power and energy, please work with me and not against me in this 21st-century effort to stay connected to what’s truly real and really important.

What is real for you?

(This picture above is me being fully connected to the wonderful salt flats in Bolivia – a very easy place to connect with nature’s wonderfulness)

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