My thoughts on UPW (Unleash The Power Within)

I have followed the work of Tony Robbins for the past year I have been greatly inspired by his work. Through his books, audio tapes and online videos, he opened my mind to a world of self development.

This was my second personal development seminar, an experience I was excited to share with around 5,000 people. From the famous fire walk experience to tried and tested strategies for taking your life to the next level, I was about to enter a parallel universe for 4 days.

As always, the people that attend are typically fall into three categories.
1) Entrepreneurs and business owners that see the great things Anthony Robbins has achieved in his businesses and personal life. These are also people that want to make the world a better place.

2) People that need to make personal or professional change. People that have a part of their life they are not satisfied with, something stopping them being truly fulfilled and are looking for a small or significant breakthrough.

3) Practitioners that work in the ever growing personal development industry. From health and wellbeing to life and business coaches.

I fall into all three catagories.

The four days:

Walking on Fire and breaking through fear

Getting clear on success and conditioning your mind

Clearing conflicts that are holding you back

Living with full health and vitality

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