My thoughts on Millionaire Mindset Intensive…

A transformational seminar to master the psychology of attaining wealth, understand how your mindset is responsble for everything you do and a set of strategies to manage money effectively…

T Harv

For some people a training programme called “Millionaire Mindset Intensive” may conjure up images of an Americanised self help group, that love chanting positive songs and jumping around in the quest of their own fortune. Whilst some of this does happen, such events generally bring together people who are interested in developing themselves so they can give more to the things they believe in. Typically passionate entrepreneurs or people who have had personal challenges they wish to overcome. 

Personally I had little or no preconceptions when I decided to attend, I just knew that mastering the financial part of my life was something I wanted and needed to do. And secondly, as I work in the training and development industry it would be a great opportunity to be one of 800 people going through a transformation process myself and to learn new strategies that could apply to other aspects of my personal development.

Definition of mindset: 
a set of beliefs or a way of thinking that determines one’s behaviour, outlook and mental attitude.


The 3 Day Programme

The first part of the process was to examine our existing beliefs, understand how our beliefs are formed and to understand the importance of having beliefs that support us, apposed to working against us. In this case we were focusing on money and we got to determine our money personality. Do we believe money is good? What comes to mind when you think about money? From here, we could link our beliefs to our behaviours. How much time do you spend managing money? Do you invest money or spend wildly? At this point it was extremely valuable to meet people that shared similar beliefs to us and therefore had similar behaviours around managing their money and through doing so were in a similar financial positions.

1 – question our existing beliefs, write them down, connect with people like us that share the same views
2 – help people understand that these beliefs are damaging and not serving us
3 – create enough reason to change our thinking, magnifying the pain and elevating the future pleasure.
4 –  create new empowering beliefs
5 – practice and recite them until them become part of our nervous system.
6 – live accordingly

For some people, having very little or no money growing up, created a scarcity mentally and affected them from spending anything at all, living in fear that it would all disappear. For others quite the opposite, holding onto money is a constant challenge, spending it before they had it and never thinking long term enough to save or invest it. Other people showed a hatred towards in money, believed it was bad and was the cause of a lot of problems in the world. Finally, a group of people that believed money wasn’t really so important and they would kind of ignore anything related to it, indicating they had no control.



How are beliefs formed?
Psychologists have conducted countless studies on belief formation and the relationship between belief and actions. We internalise the beliefs of people around us during childhood. Albert Einstein famously quoted, “Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen.” This extends also to political beliefs linked to where we live or religious views we were taught at childhood. It is therefor important to find out where our beliefs came from and identify that many of the beliefs are actually not our own, but simply ingrained on us from a young age, passed on from family, early education, friends or role models we have had. One we make that distinction, it is a lot easier to create a new supportive belief.  The other ways we can adopt beliefs is from a charismatic leader or through advertising.

Creating new beliefs
In Anna Rowley’s book, Leadership Therapy, she states “You want your beliefs to change. It’s proof that you are keeping your eyes open, living fully, and welcoming everything that the world and people around you can teach you.” This means that peoples’ beliefs should evolve as they gain new experiences. T Harv Eker, the creator of Millionaire Mindset Intensive also has a famous quote. “If you want to change the fruits, you will first have to change the roots. If you want to change the visible, you must first change the invisible.”



Why is money important? Why is it import we learn to manage money?
For some people, financial security would mean a life free of trouble for their young ones. Others may have had beliefs placed upon them from family member.

The reason we are not where we want to be is largely down to a set of beliefs that govern our everyday actions.”

Beneath the surface of transforming attitudes surround money and quashing negative beliefs, were a set of strategies, principles and a magic formula that you can apply to any aspect of your life. For those familiar with the Law of Attraction, will understand immediately that what you wish to come into your life – will come into your life. And if you focus on what you don’t want t come into your life – it will still appear.

Sustaining Change

The training programme is only the beginning
In any training programme that attempts to creating lasting change or transformation, the most important is what you do after you leave the venue. Still on a high and filled with an energy that may last a few days, there can quickly become a point where you lose the impitus and drop away. To successful change beliefs that are buried deep into your subconscious, you must continue the re-training programme after you leave. You must also live according to the new beliefs and ideas that you find to be important.

Is there a lot of selling?

At these kind of self development programmes, the respective person or company will usually give free taster sessions with the view of your buying more of the products or services further down the line. As someone extremely conscious of the marketing hypnosis that was masterfully executed, I was making sure I stayed focused on the important information that was being delivered.

A particularly authentic plea was made at the beginning of the weekend. If you don’t want to buy more of our products and programmes, that perfectly okay, but instead of sitting there and complaining that we are doing it, please choose to learn from how we are doing it. Wow. Top marks.

So, yes, at this programme there is a lot of selling. Be aware of it and make a conscious choice where or not to buy into further programme. But, 

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