Leaders get people to help

Ahead of delivering a leadership training programme this week, I wanted to outline one of the greatest skillets that I believe leaders possess: the ability to solve problems that they don’t know how to solve

Or in other words ‘getting people to want to help you to do something that you want to be done…but can’t do yourself. This could be because of time or money, but often it’s expertise. puzzle-pieces  

Here are the 4 Key Steps to getting people to join your team..

1) Know what you don’t know or can’t do

Be self aware, put your ego to one side, focus on the outcome and being of service, not on yourself getting recognition

2) Find someone who does

Be a ninja networker, listen when people talk to you and connect with people that have different skill sets to yours

3) Make it matter to them

Engage and inspire them to want to help out, be involved and make a difference

4) Lead and get out of the way

Help them understand what needs to happen, why it needs to happen. Leave the how up to them.If you catch yourself thinking or saying any of these phrases, try the following…

  • I don’t know how – find someone who does
  • I haven’t got enough money – exchange value another way
  • I haven’t got time – be resourceful or find someone to help

Here is to making solutions, not excuses!

What kind of things have you managed to accomplish by getting people on your side to help you?      

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