Listening to what you want to hear

You take off your shoes and ask for your size, you get a pair of comfortable and snazzy bowling shoes and you are almost ready to play. The assistant at the bowling all says one word that changes everything…

Yesterday I went bowling with Kate, we were both excited as we hadn’t bowled for a long time and this would be the first time doing it together.

“Can you just write your bowling names on there please…”
“Our bowling names? Oh wow, we are allowed special names!”
I turned to Kate and said, “we have to create fun bowling names…”

In these moments when we suggest something a little bit different, and show an unusual level of excitement, you need a positive response. In true supportive style, Kate took the pen and paper from me and wrote “Lightening”. Some indication of how fast the bowling balls were to be launched down the lane!

Only one word came to mind for me…”Abracadabra“. Yes I wanted to see some magic out there!

We both put our game faces on and walked to our lane to see our alter ego names in bright lights. I had a cheeky glance at the other screens beside us to see if creating fun bowling names was a thing most people do. Or if it was just the way I wanted to interpret bowling names. It was just us.

There is no doubt that this extra little bit of fun made us enjoy it more and gave us a little edge in our bowling performance…

I think it’s safe to say this will not be the last time lightening and abracadabra go bowling!

I hope this little story inspires you to get a little creative in situations like this! So listen out for opportunities to make things interesting. Hear what you want to hear. And make life and a little more fun whenever possible!

What would be your bowling name?

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