5 Steps to Confident Presenting

The thought of presenting or performing can be an overwhelming process. Anxiety can override you and mask the great ability that you have. It can damage your chance of success and make the build up a terrible experience. One that makes you avoid taking new opportunities to stretch and challenge yourself.


“One important key to success is self-confidence.
And one important key to self-confidence is preparation”
Arthur Ashe

These are five tips that I use whenever I prepare for a presentation or speaking gig. The bigger the challenge the longer I spend in each section..

1. Remember

Recognise all the successful experiences you had had so far, from small to big. Write them down.

We can think of these memories as the legs of a table that hold up the surface. Positive memories serve to reinforce your confidence that you can do it. Without the legs the table won’t stand up. And without positive memories and beliefs, neither will you stand at your best.

Write them down and keep them close to hand every time you prepare to speak.

Once you’ve done this, you can repeat to yourself…“I can do this”

2. Rehearse

Know your stuff. Rehearse it until you really know it.

A lot of the nerves we feel are just a signal to us that we need to get on top of our content. Once you know it, some of the nerves will begin to subside. Do it your way, your style until you know it, but do spend the time getting the material into your body.

You can repeat to yourself…“I know this”


3. Relax

Once you have fully prepared, breathe and trust.

If you have dedicated the time to preparing properly then this is the time to let go and trust. Take deep breaths and allow oxygen into your starved body. Bring your mind to a place of calm and begin to visualise yourself presenting with confidence.

You can repeat to yourself…“I’ve got this”

4. Routine

Create a routine that put’s you into a confident and positive space

This is to get you in the best possible mental state. Once everything is prepared, set aside some time to go through a planned routine. This could be a listening to certain song, using the bathroom, meditating, praying, doing press ups or drinking some water. Whatever it is, own it and enjoy this part!

You can repeat to yourself…“I’m ready for this”


5. Rock it

Go smash it. You were born for this.

This is where you let go and and really enjoy it. The hard work will pay off. The material and techniques are within you. The audience are with you. Your team are beside you. The stage is waiting for you. Go do it!

You can repeat to yourself…“Let’s do this”


Number 1 tennis player in the world
Arthur Ashe

Whether your stage is a tennis court, a theatre or boardroom, here is to your success!

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  1. I love this post. As a social engineer I mostly teach body language, but these are tips that I feel are very important. Keep the posts coming.

    • Thanks for your comment, I really appreciate it! Glad you like and I hope it can help you or people you work with! I will check out your posts too 🙂

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