How to let go of control

Letting go of control is not an easy thing to do. You are extremely passionate about maintaining your high standards and doing things a certain way. But you know this is something you must do.

There comes a time that in order for things to grow, you need to step away from certain activities. You need to show your leadership.

One key thing to understand is that no one can replace you. No one will do things exactly as you do them. Instead your job is to find someone to follow your lead. Not to replace you.

Whatever your need is, now is the time to learn step away. Now is the time to lead, manage and train people.

3 Success Tips

1. Find the right person

  • They must be open to learning
  • They must have the right skills
  • They must share your values and ethos.

2. Set them up to succeed

  • They must be trained
  • Be responsible for their success or mistakes – if you fail to prepare them, you are preparing them to fail
  • They must know what success will be
  • They must know they’ll be supported

3. Support but don’t micro manage

  • You must let go of control to get the best out of them
  • You must give some freedom (within guidelines)
  • Coach them to be the best they can be

I’d love to hear from people about their management and leadership experiences. What are your most important tips to prepare people to succeed?


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