Please, approve me


Please tell me I am amazing.
Please tell me I can be great.

Please tell me I am worthy.
Please tell me I can do it.

Please tell me I need to start.
Please tell me I need to speed up.

Please tell me you understand.
Please tell me how to get there.

Please stand in my corner.
Please give me your blessing.

Please approve me.

For 3 years I’d idolised his work, I’d thought about emulating his success and I’d always wanted him to approve my journey and my ideas. I wanted him to believe in me.

Last year I flew half way around the world for an amazing conference, led by one of the most current thought leaders and entrepreneurs – Vishen Lakhiani. The founder of the Mindvalley group of companies and most importantly at the time, my number 1 role model.

There was a moment in the middle of the event I went to say hello – something inside of me started to change.

  • My first attempt at saying hello was brief as he hurried by… “thank you for that great presentation – this event is incredible!” 
  • The next evening I tried again. I wanted to tell him stories, I wanted to ask him questions, I had so much to say. But my negative and desperate energy was enough to push him away.
  • The day after I asked for a photograph at the beach party, again he rushed away. I was frustrated and anxious. I’d come so far and I’d fixated on having his approval before I really put myself out there. I thought I needed it.
  • The moment past and I gave up. We had a photograph at the end of the evening but the moment had gone.

The next morning I woke up with mixed feelings. I tried to focus on all of the amazing things I’d learnt, but I couldn’t stop myself judging the reason he didn’t spend more time with me. Or why he did’t jump up and down at in excitement of me being there. My ego was wounded.

A week later I got home and re-assessed how I felt. I thought about why I really wanted or needed his approval. I realised how much of my own power I was giving away by waiting or needing some external validation.

I immediately realised the difference between support and approval. I forgave him for not floundering to my desperation and thanked him for teaching me this lesson. We were all there to be supported and support each other, but no body was there to get approval. Another great lesson learnt!

Seek support, not approval.

Your power comes from within.Seek support

Those times you lose belief in yourself, times you need motivation and times you need support – my invitation to you is be with people that believe in you, encourage you and support you, but don’t think it’s okay to wait for their approval. If you do this you are giving away your power.

Remind Yourself

  1. You are enough – reclaim your power
  2. Begin anyway – it’s your journey
  3. Do it your way – share your uniqueness


Who’s permission are you waiting for to be great?

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