When fear comes, do 3 things

I was sat in front of the computer on the phone to Louise. We were about to host a 3 day event training event. (Global Service Jam). This was a worldwide event, taking place in over 150 cities around the world. We would be responsible for marketing the event, finding a venue and then of course running it!

We’d both been drawn to doing it, but as I got to the door of opportunity, I put the breaks on. I was so scared to actually do it.

I called Louise to ask some more questions about it. I wanted more time to think it through. Instead Louise gave me the push I needed.

Have you signed up yet?

No, not yet. I’m about to…

Sign up, we’re doing it! I’m with you, we’ll make it happen.

Okay, I am.

And we did! We ran the most amazing event.

But without Louise being there to give me the support I may have let fear get the better of me.

  • I may never have experienced the most fulfilling and exciting 3 days ever.
  • I wouldn’t have had the chance to discover facilitation and training skills that came very naturally.
  • I wouldn’t have been able to inspire other people to tap into their creativity and become more self confident.
  • And I would have never knocked over the next domino of opportunity that was just around the corner

But thanks to Louise I did.

Above all, I discovered how good it felt to be part of a team. Myself, Louise and Niels who ran the event together, showed how naturally people that compliment each other can make something happen. We didn’t have defined roles or job titles. We just instinctively did the things that came most naturally.

To top off my learning experience, in the middle of the event Louise took me to one side and said, Andy…this is amazing, but you couldn’t do this without me…;)

This was said in a slightly joking manor, but it was so important to be reminded for the future. I couldn’t have done it without Louise, without Niels or without Marcus and Adam the organisers at HQ.

Whenever you are faced with an opportunity that scares you
1. Get support
2. Have faith
3. Commit.

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