Thank you for my coffee shop office


Dear coffee shop owners,


I’m writing on behalf of all people that are self-employed or work from home. For the authors and writers, designers and actors, consultants and entrepreneurs, we really appreciate your coffee shop being nice to us.

I am writing to thank you.

Thank you for your wi-fi.

Thank you for a table to work at.

Thank you for not rushing us to finish our drinks (even when you know our tea has gone cold)

And thank you for your free water.

As we sit and bring our dreams to life and make things happen, you are really good to us. It’s your generosity that makes our work possible.

Yes we could work at home sometimes we do, but it’s not always possible. It’s sometimes too crowded and often it’s uninspiring. We get distracted easily and we don’t get ready with the readiness to actually work.

When I come to your place to buy a coffee, I’m really productive and I get a lot of work done! I know that you don’t intend your chairs and tables to be filled with people working. But I know you know it happens, so I want to thank you for being cool with it.

I always buy a coffee or a tea and I usually buy a snack as well. And if I feel like I’ve been there a long time I’ll order a second one. Sometimes I even order food too. It’s usually because I’m hungry by that point and on a roll with my work, but I like to think I’m doing my bit.

So to the big chains that offer the feeling of familiarity and to the small independent ones who offer an extra level of love are care. A huge thank you for being open.

Please, keep making great coffee and we’ll keep doing great work.

Thanks again,


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  1. I completely agree with and second this message from Andy. Thank you coffee shops, you are facilitating the dreams of aspiring authors, writers, entrepreneurs, students and many more titles!

    I am particularly grateful to the coffee shops that will actually heat up my food in the microwave! I will always order a drink or a snack in between, but still… Thanks!

  2. Thank you for writing on behalf of all coffee shop goers! Coffee shops are the place where We Writers are inspired.

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