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Thank you for my coffee shop office

Dear coffee shop owners,   I’m writing on behalf of all people that are self-employed or work from home. For the authors and writers, designers and actors, consultants and entrepreneurs, we really appreciate your coffee shop being nice to us. I am writing to thank you. Thank you […]

Make the choice, lead or follow

  I want to share a personal story, about when I chose to lead. Startup Weekend is a 3 day event for entrepreneurs to build businesses. I attended in Newcastle in April 2012, purely to learn more about business and meet other entrepreneurs. You can either pitch a […]

When fear comes, do 3 things

I was sat in front of the computer on the phone to Louise. We were about to host a 3 day event training event. (Global Service Jam). This was a worldwide event, taking place in over 150 cities around the world. We would be responsible for marketing the […]