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Andy Dunn

Listening to what you want to hear

You take off your shoes and ask for your size, you get a pair of comfortable and snazzy bowling shoes and you are almost ready to play. The assistant at the bowling all says one word that changes everything… Yesterday I went bowling with Kate, we were both excited […]

Leaders get people to help

Ahead of delivering a leadership training programme this week, I wanted to outline one of the greatest skillets that I believe leaders possess: the ability to solve problems that they don’t know how to solve.  Or in other words ‘getting people to want to help you to do […]

To risk or not to risk?

One morning in South London I was walking to get the bus. About 50m from the bus stop I saw my bus about to pull away from the traffic lights and turn towards the stop. These are times when only a split second decision will do. If you […]

A drawing of my mind

This is a drawing of my mind. One evening I returned from work with a lot on my mind. I decided to return to my childhood roots of putting pen to paper for a period of concentrated drawing. A slightly meditative process as pointed out by a Monk I sat […]

The power of collective clapping

As Jessica Ennis prepared for the long jump in the 2012 Olympics, the crowd urged her toward success. The familiar clapping began. Starting slowly and gradually speeding up as she was about to take off. This kind of support is to be expected in Athletics finals. Especially when there is a Gold […]

The 2 enemies of innovation

  When a group of people come together to make a decision, to plan a strategy or to start a project, sometimes the inevitable happens. The loud voices take over and egos get in the way of valuable and productive conversations. This week I was asked about how […]

PROJECT: The world’s most inspiring dance

A movement that is sweeping the globe, teaching us all how to deal with the unexpected, embrace all challenges, seek adventure and live harmoniously together. A profoundly inspirational idea, expressed through a fun, simple dance. Amongst the high of Awesomeness Fest (a personal development retreat for entrepreneurs) and partying on a […]